The first Junior Robotics Competition was held in 2002 for elementary and high school students in the Montreal area using the Lego Robotics Mind storm platform. Students are asked to program robots in order to meet a challenge designed for the competition. During the two-day event, students compete in a very dynamic, high energy and exciting environment learning team work skills in a camaraderie atmosphere.

Free admission for Public Viewing

April 20-21, 2018

Cégep Vanier College

Contact Information

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Information Package and Lunch Order Form

Vanier Info Package, Parking Restrictions, and Lunch order forms. Download 2018 JRC Information Package and Parking Restrictions
Download 2018 JRC Lunch order form

Schedule and Events Layout

Friday April 20, 2018 and Saturday April 21, 2018.
Download 2018 JRC Overall Schedule
Download 2018 JRC Events Layout at Vanier

General Rules

Applicable to ALL events Download 2018 JRC General Rules

Specific Events Rules

Save Metropolis The recent natural disaster hit Metropolis hard! It is dangerous for rescue workers to enter the centre of the city to save those injured or trapped. Your mission as a team is to design, build and program your robot to maneuver across broken roads, fallen trees, obstacles and debris to save as many victims as possible, within a specified duration.
Download 2018 JRC Save Metropolis Rules

For Save Metropolis- Secondary Level Only:
Download 2018 JRC Save Metropolis-Secondary Level- Games Schedule
Download 2018 Save Metropolis- Secondary Level Score Sheets

Football - The Beautiful Game Our event will not qualify your team to be part of FIFA and play for the World Cup, but if your team designs, builds and programs your two robots to face your opposing team's robots in this creative and dynamic event, you may win a medal, and would qualify your team to win the overall RoboJunior Cup for 2018.
Important: All robots must have sensors (IR Seekers) that recognize the Infrared Ball. Robots must have these sensors to locate the ball and move towards it. Robots that fail a pre-game test will not be allowed to compete.
Download 2018 JRC Football Rules

Creative Performance Bring your robot design, building and programming skills, along with your creative talents in storytelling, or dancing, to present a creative performance on a stage in front of the judges and audience. Your team must have 2 to 6 students, and your creative performance must be between 1 to 2 minutes long. Let's all enjoy the show!
Download 2018 JRC Creative Performance Rules
Download 2018 JRC Creative Performance Score Sheet
Download 2018 JRC Creative Performance Technical Sheet
Download Letter from the Chief Judge- Creative Performance

Triathlon For the JRC 2018 Triathlon, three new challenges were created by Akim, our talented Chief Judge. They are: (1) One motor drag race, (2) One motor tug of war, (3) Rope climber. The main goal is to construct a robot to perform tasks that challenge motor and sensor skills. The challenges are designed to test these skills either individually or in harmony with other sensors.
Download 2018 JRC Triathlon Rules


The deadline for registration and T-Shirts ordering is March 1, 2018.
Registration is open to all schools in the Province of Quebec. Home schooled students or those in a private "Robotics Club" are welcome to register and compete but must have an adult "Person-In-Charge" and must get pre-approval to register from the JRC Coordinator.
Schools from outside the Province of Quebec must contact the JRC Coordinator before registering to ensure compliance with the regulations. The JRC Organizing Committee must pre-approve any team from outside the Province of Quebec.
Registration Instructions:
Download the "Registration and T-shirt order form" here: JRC Regular Registration Form
Download the "Authorization, Discharge, Indemnity and Release of Information" form here: JRC Authorization Form

Advance Registration Process
Expired Dec. 31, 2017. For the schools that took advantage of the advance registration, please remember point (e) below.
Schools that wish to take advantage of last year's registration rates should complete their Advance Registration Form as follows:
a) Fill ONLY the highlighted yellow part of the Registration Form.
b) The teacher-in-charge and the Principal should sign and date the form.
c) Send a copy of the form by email to the JRC Coordinator
d) Mail a hard copy with your cheque to EAST. See address below. Form and Payment must be received by EAST no later than December 31, 2017.
e) The remaining parts of the Registration Form including names and t-shirt sizes must be completed and emailed by the final deadline of March 1, 2018.

Regular Registration Process
  • 1. Fill out the Registration Form and make sure that it is signed by the Principal and the Person In-Charge. Verify if your school is subject to the additional registration fees per team. Please review second sheet of the file for additional fees if applicable.
  • 2. Email the completed and signed Registration Form to the  JRC  Coordinator  at nijad .
  • 3. Mail a hard copy of this signed Registration Form with your cheque payable to EAST-AEST to the following address:
    Educational Alliance for Science & Technology (EAST-AEST) ATTN: Christie Brown, 2150 Blvd. St. Joseph #208, Lachine, Qc., H8S 2N7
  • 4. Signed "Authorization, Discharge, Indemnity and Release of Information" forms for all participating students must be delivered to the JRC Official when the Person In-Charge picks up the t-shirts on Friday April 20, 2018.