Event description

Since 2001, the Robotique CRC Robotic is designed by teachers and alumni (former students). In fact, we are experiencing the third generation of alumni coordinators. This is a bilingual three-day competition. It is open to high schools and CEGEP students.

Our Philosophy

  • To set up a student-oriented and student-directed activity
  • To create a project that integrates robotics, science, math, multimedia, language arts and computers.
  • To develop a hands-on approach and help our students link the classroom to the workplace.
  • To foster and build team work and communication skills.
  • To promote the idea of working together to accomplish a common goal.
  • To instill the concept that achieving team goals is more important than winning.
  • To bring this educational experience to as many students across Canada as possible.

Free admission.

The 2021 Edition of the CRC Robotics Competition will be held remotely.


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